Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Post #6:

Like most people already know, the media’s been particularly busy with Muntather al-Zaidi and the shoe-hurling incident. Akhookum Choo8i whose days often revolve around the TV screen is no different.

At first, he was laughing his guts out; he even googled and youtubed the incident just to keep watching it.

But then, as the hilarity of the event wore out less than 24 hours later, he began thinking. By thinking, I mean he engaged in a variety of activities that involved expressing his opinion vocally, from picking the phone and calling his best friends, to logging on to Iraqi voice chat rooms and engaging in arguments that soon bloomed into yelling at the top of his lungs, and interrupting my meals, sleep and other vital activities…

Regardless of all of that, here’s what I deduced…

9a7ebkum is actually upset now; why did the man hurl a shoe at George Bush, while he’s probably had numerous opportunities to hurl a variety of items at people who, on a national level, have gone above and beyond to deserve it. And though Choo8i didn’t really want to mention names, he was giving descriptions like ‘abu 3yoon’ and ‘abu karish’ and ‘abu sidara’ and ‘abu 3amama’ and ‘katkoot el 7awza’ and went as far as stating that there's at least 100 kalb ibin si66a3ash kalb yestahloon el 8undara taris, on an Iraqi level.

I don’t really see an end to his argument, since he’s woken up at noon today and for the third day in a row, he’s screaming at his computer screen and into his microphone. And the more he argues, the more convinced he seems to become that the man is an attention whore who sought mass-media attention, as opposed to a true patriot who, in the altruism of…well…a martyr, tossed a shoe in the heist of expressing the opinions of millions of Iraqis.

Personally…I kind of find it ridiculous that humans would be oh-so caught up in arguments over a man who tossed a shoe. And on that note, it’s tea time—might as well catch some stray sugars from Choo8i’s tray.

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oh choo8i, the journalist started from the top,so there was no need to throw more.:)
i'm waiting for more swalif min choo8i.